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Is there a place where i can read the books online for free or download them. Newcomer's Guide to The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt here (PDF). The Witcher has 13 entries in the series. Blood of Elves. The Witcher (Series). Book 1. Andrzej Sapkowski Author Danusia Stok Translator (). cover image . I'm playing The Witcher video game and although I am relatively early in download links for fan translations (in both kindle format and epub).

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Books in the Witcher saga books. A Espada do Destino - Saga do B - Andrzej Author Franziinha Oliveira. The New York Times bestselling series that inspired the Witcher video games. World fantasy award lifetime achievement winner, Andrzej. Sapkowski, introduces. [DOWNLOAD PDF] Season of Storms (The Witcher) Free Epub/MOBI/EBooks. Andrzej Sapkowski book club Season of Storms (The Witcher) Online.

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Witcher 2, my god, what a game! Shame I'll never be able to play Witcher 3 unless I win the lottery and am able to afford a really expensive gaming rig.

The Witcher books

Alucard In the name of the Pizza Lord. Staff member. Apr 13, I read The Last Wish which is a collection of short stories about Geralt and Blood of Elves which is a 3rd book in the series. The Last Wish is usually taken as the first book and for some reason Gollancz decided to skip the translation of the 2nd book in the series Sword of Destiny Miecz przeznaczenia which is also a collection of short stories as the first book.

There are 7 books in the series and English translations are up to book 5, excluding book 2 as I said. If you can read Spanish or German, everything is translated in them. I have read two books as I said in English and I'm a big fan.

So now I'm considering reading in my native language because originals are in Polish, and Polish and my language are in same family of languages Slavic , so there's a lot less that is lost in translating and the structure of grammar is easier to mirror back and forth, than it is to translate in English, where you lose more.

Book:The Witcher

I really love the world Sapkowski has built and the character of Geralt. I can recognize same old mythological elements that are present in my culture as well, and for that reason I feel very close to that world. I absolutely love the games and the books. I played both of them and I can't wait for the next. For a person that is not sure, I would recommend reading The Last Wish, to get a taste of the Witcher's world through those short stories.

If you like it go for Blood of Elves. Books are short pages or so so you're not investing so much time trying them out. For people that can't wait there are fan translations English circling the Web, and although I haven't read them, people claim they are pretty good, so after book 5 if you get hooked and you can't wait for official translations, there are books 6 and 7 and book 2 which English translators decided to skip already out there.

Hope I helped you a bit.

The witcher books epub download

Good luck. Haven said: Alucard said: Last edited: Jun 9, Hand of Fear Journeyed there and back again Apr 13, I've read the Last Wish awhile ago I enjoyed the book and the story was pretty good, can't really remember to much more but if you like the game I'm sure you will like the book.

Hand of Fear said: Ian Blackport Guest Apr 22, I absolutely love the Witcher games. Brilliantly crafted with such a dark, unforgiving world. I love when games tackle complex issues that are commonplace in Witcher. Too often fantasy video games have an obvious good and evil choice in every dilemma. You can either be a pure hero or heartless.

But The Witcher just isn't like that. There were times I agonized over making a decision because no choice seemed right.

Witcher books | Scribd

And I loved that uncertainty. A few times I followed what I thought was a noble decision only to find I'd made the world a worse place. The games play with your mind in the best way. An annual anal Embed Size px. Start on. Show related SlideShares at end.

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Be the first to like this. No Downloads. Views Total views. Actions Shares. Embeds 0 No embeds. No notes for slide. Baptism of Fire The Witcher Book 3 to download this book the link is on the last page 2. If you wanted to read all the books as a whole, the first one to start with would be The Last Wish.

Whatever the case, it doesn't really matter which of those two you read first. The translations are taking a terribly long time lol. I think I'd be able to learn fluent Polish and then buy the original copies faster than the time it's taken for translation. Though finally, the 3rd in the series, Times of Contempt, was just released in the UK and here next Weds in the States. I may as well reread the Last Wish and onward.

Yeah, they're taking way too long. Not to mention they skipped The Sword of Destiny for the English translation. But I couldn't wait that long so I started reading the fan translations.

Nevermind, I just realized they don't include the officially translated books, so my question is kinda irrelevant.

Are you sure?

It's hard to say man. I personally thought the first couple of books in english were awesome however I dont know a lick of Polish so there could be important contexts or other embelishments of the Polish language that just can't translate right or in it's intended meaning. Slightly off-topic. It's the same reason why I really like poetry from other languages, even if the one I can just understand is German.

Definitely not a necro-post, well I don't consider it to be anyway xD Because it took ages for anyway to even post on here: Anyway, good question. I'm not really sure since I haven't read the fan translations of the ones that were officially released, but I found myself stumbling on some sentences in the official English translations.

But in the fan translations I have read, even though there are some typos I found them quite easy to read without too many problems.