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happy to make the Indians he met his slaves, a pool of free manual labor. Columbus reported to his king and queen that the world was round, and he went down . flat world. It's also al-Qaeda and other terrorist networks. The playing field is. The World Is Flat is an essential update on globalization, its opportunities for individual . and the Flat World. Five: America and Free Trade / . and he went down in history as the man who first made this discovery. I returned home. Editorial Reviews. Review. "Captivating an enthralling read. To his great credit, Friedman Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Use features like eBook features: Highlight, take notes .. 2) Free trade and capitalism is the best solution to all the problems of the world. 3) America.

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The World Is Flat is Thomas L. Friedman's account of the great changes taking place in our time. Textbook Rentals Sell Us Your Books Best Books of the Month Kindle eBooks on orders over $25—or get FREE Two-Day Shipping with Amazon Prime .. Get your Kindle here, or download a FREE Kindle Reading App. So forget Thomas Friedman's "The Earth is Flat. on your Kindle, Nook, Kobo or iPad - and links to free downloads from the Gutenberg Project. Proofs Earth Is Not A Spinning Ball! Topics Proofs Earth Is Not A Spinning Ball!, flat earth. Collection opensource. Language English.

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He credits this spread, the creation of complementary software and the internet, and political factors that caused several developing countries, including China, Russia, India and Latin America, to open their borders at this time with the creation of the perfect storm that led to the rapid-fire pace of globalization. Through interviews with U. Embassy officials in Beijing, we explore the desperation of Chinese students to study and work in America.

We follow the path of a Boeing jet as components of its manufacture are outsourced to Russia and then India, allowing for faster and cheaper development of more planes as Friedman demonstrates the need for individuals and businesses to be able to compete in a global marketplace.

Friedman works to dispel common myths about globalization as we explore the dot. Friedman calls for a reality check as we explore the manner in which countries and societies will cope with and adapt to the dramatic changes that globalization brings to the way we do business, as individuals and entities. His comparison of the Industrial Revolution to the current IT Revolution leads us to believe that the world flattening we see today could have been predicted by Karl Marx. Sandel discusses whether or not exploitation is globalization; are the outsourced people from India being exploited or given opportunity they would not otherwise have had?

We examine the blurring boundaries between companies and different groups of workers, as well as the relationships between communities and the businesses that operate within them. Friedman demonstrates that as little people begin to act big, so too are big people able to connect on the smallest level.

Identities become harder to define, which will also need to be sorted out. The traditional roles of consumer, employee, citizen, taxpayer and shareholder have all become blurred and intertwined.

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Friedman summarizes the chapter with an examination of intellectual property law and means that must be put in place to protect it, as well as the death of the human bond in the online world. Does free trade still exist in a flat world?

He concludes that erecting borders and walls would be detrimental to our goals and that Americans must instead be prepared to compete on a global playing field. Friedman encourages better education and training, as Americans now compete not only with other Americans, but with the most brilliant minds around the globe for positions.

He identifies the workers that will suffer most, should they be unable to keep ahead of the globalization trend, and offers large-scale suggestions to remedy this problem. Using the history of the American agricultural industry as an indicator of future trends in various industries today, he stresses the importance of an ability to adapt and specialize where there is a need. We learn that fear stimulates change and that this is a good thing. Friedman addresses a concern shared by many Americans: As the competition for jobs stiffens, how do we prepare them for the increased competition?

Synthesizers, explainers, leveragers, versatilists and more are identified and explained as viable career options, as well as strategies for preparing for these positions.

He recommends building right-brain skills, or those that cannot be duplicated by a computer, and explores different vehicles to higher learning, including music. Friedman examines the factors necessary to create the right environment for this learning and contemplates methods of achieving this in modern day America. We begin by examining the U.

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An interview with Shirley Ann Jackson, President of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, demonstrates that a quiet crisis is happening slowly but surely as multiple and complex forces are at work creating the perfect storm; demographic, political, social, cultural, economic, etc. We explore the dirty little secrets that no one is talking about — a lack of highly skilled scientists and engineers, disinterest in math and science by our younger population, lack of ambition as television and video games take over, an outdated basic education system, lack of funding for research, lack of infrastructure as we focus on war and other countries focus on developing sustainable and innovative business.

He sums up the chapter with a call to action to kick-start the long process of preparing ourselves for the future into motion before we are literally left behind. In a call to action, Friedman stresses that we simply cannot do things the same old way anymore and people must be willing to change and adapt.

He compares our current crisis to that we faced in competing with the Soviet Union and the launch of Sputnik; the main challenge then came from those who wanted to put up walls while we now have to face those who want to tear them down.

Now, as then, we must change our strategy to overcome these issues. He questions leadership and education; who will lead us into the forefront of this new globalized economy?

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The necessity for lifelong learning and benefits to allow workers to remain mobile and adaptable is very real, though it seems to be at the bottom of our to-do list.

Finally, Friedman examines how companies such as Capital One are working on the lifelong learning objective by providing training and upgrading to employees, increasing their own productivity and bottom line in the process, as he calls for social programs that encourage workers to be creative and hardworking. We see the Chinese manufacture of statuettes of The Virgin of Guadalupe and their subsequent importation into Mexico as an example of the problem created when one developing country competes with another, as China replaced Mexico as the U.

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Friedman discusses the need for developing countries to put policies in place to create the right environment for their companies and entrepreneurs to succeed in the flat world. He states that countries must be brutally honest with themselves in determining their place in the world market if they are to adapt and survive. A comparison of countries who have opened their borders and adopted free trade policies versus those who have not and been left behind illustrates his point.

The concept of reform retail and wholesale is introduced as we explore changes in education, infrastructure and governance.

Ireland becomes a case study for financial success as their per capita GDP has risen to second highest in the European Union. Friedman opines that companies willing to change and accept change are more likely to do things than have things done to them. We look into commoditization in a wide range of industries, where everything is the same and supply is plentiful.

Clients are flooded with options and everyone becomes the same. Each company is driven to be more creative and innovative, or risk falling between the cracks.

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His web-based global network cut costs and allowed him to compete with the biggest in the business and come out ahead.

We see through other business models that globalization forces the big to act small: We learn that companies must be willing to collaborate and focus on niche markets, doing themselves what they need to do to stay in front of their customers and outsourcing the rest.

The best companies use outsourcing as a method of growth, not to shrink their workforce. Outsourcing allows them to provide more and better services more efficiently.

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We also explore socially responsible outsourcing; giving the outsourced workers a good wage and opportunity within their own country that they would not have otherwise. Friedman shares stories of the world flattening but humbly announces that he does indeed realize the world is not yet flat. He wants to draw attention to the flattening and the ever-increasing pace at which it is occurring. Part of this understanding must come from a recognization of factors that are preventing globalization from occurring in some people.

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