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You might like our new Libby app—the easiest way to borrow and enjoy ebooks, audiobooks, and magazines from your public library. You can use the OverDrive app to read borrowed ebooks on your iOS Once you've borrowed and downloaded an ebook in the app, go to. Page 1 of 7. How to Download OverDrive EPUB eBooks to your iPad. 1. From the App Store on the iPad, search for OverDrive Media Console. 2. From the.

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Kindle format: ebooks in this format will be downloaded to your Amazon Kindle you will read the Adobe EPUB ebook inside the Overdrive Media Console App. How to download OverDrive READ eBooks to an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. You will need a valid library card, wireless access and your device. On Your Device: 1 . o Select “EPUB eBook” from the “All Formats” drop down list o Choose “All. Step 1: From your device, go to the. App Store. Search for “OverDrive Media. Console” to download OverDrive. Media Console for iPhone, iPad. (mini), or iPod .

There has been a lot of discussion about using My Media Mall Overdrive on the ipad. So, we heard some rumors about the Overdrive iphone app working on the ipad. I have to say that it works! The most confusing part is that even though you need the App to make this work, during the process you will be bouncing in and out of your internet browser as well. I have taken some screenshots from the ipad, and have posted the instructions below. You will need a 3G connection or Wifi to do this.

To read offline no internet , tap the centre of the screen. The OverDrive Menu will either show on the left side, or as three lines in the top left corner.

Either bookmark the eBook in your browser for easy retrieval, or add a shortcut icon to your home screen. On Android devices, tap the menu button three dots, or three bars , and tap Add to Homescreen. Sign up for an OverDrive Account if you don't already have one, follow the prompts.

Books and Reading: Overdrive for E-readers: iPad

This will allow you to read an eBook across multiple devices and sync your progress and bookmarks. You can create an account using your library card or email address. OverDrive will send a verification email if you include your address in the registration process. You can click the Sample button to read or listen to part of the title before borrowing.

Tap the Borrow button If you see Place Hold instead of Borrow , the item is not currently available You can place a hold if you wish, then return to searching for an available title You will be taken to the Library Bookshelf section of your account. The title is now checked out to you.

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The next step is to download it. You can complete the download at any time during the loan period by signing in to your account and going to the Bookshelf section.

Select a format if necessary and tap the download button. The book will begin to download.

OverDrive | How to use the ebook reader in OverDrive

Once the title has downloaded, swipe from the left side of your screen and select Bookshelf EPUB eBooks take only a moment; audiobooks take significantly longer. Connect to a WiFi network to save data for audiobooks Tap on the title to read or listen Option 3: Find and Borrow eBooks After you've authorized Libby, you're good to go.

Opening the app in the future, you'll be signed in and ready to search or read or listen To search the collection, tap on the magnifying glass at the top and enter whatever you're looking for To browse the collection, tap on Explore. From here you can browse the collection is many ways, including by new or popular titles. Once you find a title you're interested in, if it is available if will "Borrow", if it is checked out you'll be given the option to "Place Hold" You can download a title after checking out by tapping "Read Book".

You can also set up Libby to automatically download all titles. I have taken some screenshots from the ipad, and have posted the instructions below. You will need a 3G connection or Wifi to do this. First things first…. Start up your ipad, and go to the App store. Download Overdrive Media Console for iphone no ipad out yet. Once you have downloaded the app, open it up on your ipad and touch the Get Books icon at the top of the screen.

How to use the ebook reader in OverDrive for iOS (iPhone/iPad/iPod touch)

Having problems with font size in some books on iOS 10? See http: Titles are automatically returned. The app will now ask you if you'd like to return a book early if it seems that you're finished with it. You can disable this in "Settings".

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We also fixed some bugs and made some other minor improvements. Don't do latest update lost all books and library information Does not remember password, still loses books. Can we go back 2 updates when it worked?

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Lost purchased books when last updated. See above. Changing my original review from a couple of years ago. This program used to work very well, in fact.