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You can either listen to audio books or read eBooks on it. Downloading these types of books to your MP4 player is a relatively easy process. Make sure you Watching the Net: How To Download Audio Books To Your MP3 Player Hassle Free. Some MP4 players have a built-in ebook reader, while others can only store the files. enough free space to store all files before you attempt to download them. do anyone no how to download Ebook from an mp4 player We provide unique laptop repair solutions, diagnostics are free with no strings.

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Best Answer: Gutenberg has 30, free and legal books. Source(s): http://www. · redunicorn · 10 years ago. 0. players and mp3 mp4 mp5 players. find and download free of charge the help you mp4 player user manual pdf [free ebooks] mp4 player user manual pdf are you trying to find [free download] mp4 player user manual pdf for free pdf download. you could find ebook pdf philips gogear ariaz mp4 player.

Although you usually use an MP4 player to play back audio and video files, you can also use one to transfer books from one computer to another and even read them on the device. Some MP4 players have a built-in ebook reader, while others can only store the files. Always make sure you have enough free space to store all files before you attempt to download them. Windows 7 detects the MP4 player as an external device and assigns a drive to it. Click the "Start" button in the bottom-left corner of your screen and click "Computer" to launch the Windows 7 native file manager. Locate and select your books.

Otherwise, the files will either not work or will corrupt your MP4 player. Look through your user guide to find out the kind of file formats your MP4 supports.

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This helps ensure that you can view the file on your MP4 player. Convert the file, if necessary. Several online programs allow you to convert your eBook or audio book.

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Remember to convert to a format that your MP4 player recognizes. Connect the other end to your desktop computer or laptop's USB port.

Click "Start" and "Computer. Right-click and select "Copy.

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Press "Ctrl-C" to copy the books to the clipboard. Open the drive assigned by Windows 7 to your MP4 player.

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Disconnect the MP4 player from your computer. References 1 Microsoft: Copy and Paste a File. How do you download an acrobat pdf. More questions.

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