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LanguageEnglish. Dan Brown's bestseller. IdentifierTheDaVinciCode_ Identifier-arkark://tmk OcrABBYY FineReader Origin novel is available as ebook in Epub, Mobi and PDF format. Daha sonra Epub Reader, Cool Reader yada PDF Reader benzeri bir app. ile Epub yada PDF formatındaki ekitabı okuyabilirsiniz. Robert Langdon, Harvard professor of symbology and religious iconology, arrives at the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao to attend the unveiling of.

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Your announcement will make articulate perplexity. No one will know which requests to pursue. Ambra knew Winston was correct, yet her words had been lost in the rotor wash over the clamorous group. All of a sudden the sky ejected in a booming yell.

The Da Vinci Code : Dan Brown : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive

Ambra withdrew once again from the railing as the helicopter swooped nearer and stopped unexpectedly, floating straightforwardly before her.

Sadly, Agent Fonseca raised some sort of gadget, which he pointed straightforwardly at her head. For a minute, the most odd of contemplations dashed through her psyche. I am an infertile lady. Slaughtering me is his solitary departure from this commitment.

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Be that as it may, as she set her foot behind her, the ground appeared to vanish. For a moment, she felt just void space where she had expected strong bond. Her body turned as she endeavored to recapture her equalization, however she felt herself pitching sidelong down a short trip of stairs.

Her left elbow crushed into the concrete, and whatever remains of her slammed down a moment later. All things being equal, Ambra Vidal felt no torment.

She thrusted for the telephone, however it vanished under the defensive fencing, tumbling into the chasm. He ended up amidst a stunning bedlam.

A helicopter was floating low next to the building, and Ambra was no place to be seen. Stunned, Langdon checked the region. Where is she? He had overlooked how unusual this housetop was—unbalanced parapets … soak staircases … concrete fighters … endless pits. When he detected her, he felt a flood of fear.

All 6 Dan Brown Books [Free Download]

Ambra Vidal was lying folded on the concrete at the edge of the light well. As Langdon hustled up and over an ascent toward her, the sharp punch of a shot whipped past his head and detonated in the bond behind him. Langdon dropped to his knees and mixed toward lower ground as two more slugs cruised over his head. For a minute, he thought the shots were originating from the helicopter, however as he climbed toward Ambra, he saw a swarm of police flooding out of another turret on the most distant side of the housetop with their firearms drawn.

They need to murder me, he understood. They think I hijacked the future ruler!

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Her housetop declaration obviously had gone unheard. As Langdon looked toward Ambra, now just ten yards away, he understood sadly that her arm was dying. Another shot cruised over his head as Ambra started mauling at the railing that surrounded the drop-off to the internal yard. She attempted to pull herself up.


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