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1 Mark was eleven and had been smoking off and on for two years, never trying to quit but being careful not to get hoo The Client. The Client John Grisham 1. Art of Client Service: 54 Things Every Advertising & Marketing Professional Should Know by Robert Solomon. Read online, or download in secure PDF format. Read "The Art of Client Service The Classic Guide, Updated for Today's Marketers and Advertisers" by Robert Solomon available from Rakuten Kobo. Sign up.

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Get this from a library! The art of client service. [Robert Solomon] -- Account executives, and anyone else who deals with clients, will find themselves flinching . Now fully updated and revised, The Art of Client Service is geared to the entire Ebook PPT EPUB Download Free Download The Art of Client. A practical guide for providing exceptional client service Most Ebook PPT EPUB Download Free Download The Art of Client Service: The.

Most advertising and marketing people would claim great client service is an elusive, ephemeral pursuit, not easily characterized by a precise skill set or inventory of responsibilities; this book and its author argue otherwise, claiming there are definable, actionable methods to the role, and provide guidance designed to achieve more effective work. Written by one of the industry's most knowledgeable client services executives, the book begins with a definition, then follows a path from an initial new business win to beginning, building, losing, then regaining trust with clients. It is a powerful source of counsel for those new to the business, for industry veterans who want to refresh or validate what they know, and for anyone in the middle of the journey to get better at what they do. The Art of Client Service: The Art of the Pitch:

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Persuading People to Buy: Essential Business Networking. Andrea Nierenberg. Breaking Through, 2nd Edition. The One-Percent Edge. Susan Solovic. Religious Perspectives on Business Ethics. Thomas O'Brien. How to write a great review. Sep 03, Carl Timms rated it it was amazing Shelves: An excellent concise view of the world of client service. The author isn't afraid to point out his own flaws and mistakes, which in turn shone a light on similar things I've done myself and hopefully have learned from it need to change.

Look forward to referencing this every now and then as a little refresher just to keep me on my toes. Jul 04, Dea rated it it was amazing. Have an open mind when you read this.

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Learn from it together with experience. Jan 07, ENG Saeed rated it it was ok. Nov 01, Cindy Pham rated it liked it. A short, quick, and easy read with some good points even if you're not an account manager.

The second half started dwindling down in quality though, and often rephrased the same advice that had been stated earlier. Perhaps rather than just short chapters of general advice, the author should have incorporated more anecdotes from his own experiences in the ad game to go deeper into the topic.

Jan 25, Savanna Roberts rated it liked it Shelves: A very well written book. Feb 07, Nancy Dawe rated it really liked it Shelves: I found this book really helpful in articulating not just best practice, but why things should be done a certain way.

There were some ideas that would now be outdated having read the original edition , but most of the concepts hold. May 15, Amy Ferguson rated it it was amazing. Excellent book for those who work in ad agencies. Nov 06, Emidia Felipe rated it it was amazing. Feb 19, Paree Bhattacharya rated it liked it. The book provides a good insight about client servicing as a whole. Even though there were examples of own and other brands, it got a bit boring in the second half.

Some things were just the same- Draped and re-served. It should have been more like a story telling than lesson giving. Otherwise, everything else was great. It had some good take aways I would use in my agency. Some topics were crisp and strong and really helpful. Good work Robert Solomon, keep writing! Dec 15, Chris Donaldson rated it liked it. A great reminder of what it means to provide great customer service within an ad agency setting, ideas that can be carried over into any real 'service' profession.

Providing great service to the level Robert Solomon describes takes a unique blend of communication skills, creativity, eye for detail, a healthy but restrained ego, and much more - all broken out into easy to read chapters that make this book a quick read. I see myself referring to this book regularly. My only real issue is that the A great reminder of what it means to provide great customer service within an ad agency setting, ideas that can be carried over into any real 'service' profession.

My only real issue is that the author could have provided more stories and details from his rich past in the ad game. He scratches the surface, but would have liked to have gotten deeper in the trenches. Overall though, a really solid lesson in what it takes to make it as an account manager - or any other profession that requires a deep level of customer service.

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Feb 11, Jake rated it really liked it Shelves: I can't believe I really enjoyed this book, as I have made a career out of avoiding business books yuk yuk yuk. However, now that I've fully leaped into the advertising and marketing world, this book made sense. It was written for a person like me, forced to read it for work. But, because of this, it was a quick read and it was quick to the point and it quickly charmed me with the avoidance of corporate jargon.

The world of advertising is fascinating, and it doesn't take a financial genius or I can't believe I really enjoyed this book, as I have made a career out of avoiding business books yuk yuk yuk. The world of advertising is fascinating, and it doesn't take a financial genius or a shark to get it. It's about ideas and, what's better than being creative and getting paid for it? Aug 08, john Vincent Lombardi rated it really liked it.

Every chapter is an idea condensed into 7 or 8 pages. He does well to layout the problem that can occur in any agency at anytime and follows through with the solution he finds has always worked with the most success.

The ideas resonate and I find when I think back on them, they actually feel like I've learned them through a conversation with an experienced friend rather than a book I've read.

It's the type of read you'll want to go back to in a few months and see if you're actually following the Every chapter is an idea condensed into 7 or 8 pages. It's the type of read you'll want to go back to in a few months and see if you're actually following the advice. I read this as mandatory reading by an employer. It is too basic and dated to even remotely apply to today's client-driven business. If you are someone that wants to know how the "fundamentals" were taught 25 years ago, rad this book.

If you are looking to learn and apply It is embarrassing that a business owner of a marketing firm still believes this book has practical value. Dec 01, Susan Howson rated it really liked it Shelves: Really useful! I think I'll read it again really soon, and you can't say that for everything.

A lot of it is basic Dale Carnegie but I enjoy his empowering tone and his stories of failure. I'm inspired, Robert Solomon! Mar 22, Chris rated it really liked it. Great read! Reminds me of "Do it yourself Lobotomy" and I think the author recommends that one at the end, as well. Very practical book for anyone focusing on client services.

Real-life experiences from a highly esteemed professional in the advertising business. Lots of recipes for success and sharp statements for client focused businesses. Good to read! This was a great book for especially a beginner account exec. I found the stories and advice quite true based on what I have experienced thus far in my marketing career.

I think it is a good and quick read. A straight forward book on account service. Robert Solomon makes it an easy to read book that anyone can digest using numerous real-life examples from his career.

This is honestly the most applicable, practical work-related book I've ever read. Some of the tips seem super obvious and serve as great remiders. Others really made me think, and I think I will be a better client services executive becasuse of them. May 24, Jennifer rated it liked it. This was a very quick read.

There are a few useful pointers and reminders of how to provide excellent client service. Very relevant to agency work. Nothing really blew my mind here, but it's a solid primer, especially if you are just starting out.

Jun 01, Jiri Mocicka rated it it was amazing. Must read if you deal with the clients period.